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There is a clear understanding and agreement on what the change will deliver, the impact it will have on the business and its people.

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Leadership / Culture

The leadership team is aligned behind the change and demonstrate support for the change we want to deliver. Understanding the challenges any difference in expectation from the change will create.

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The desired change has a clear link to the statements we have made about where we want our business to be in the next 3 years.

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There is clarity for all staff as to which leaders, and line managers are responsible and will lead the change.

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Capacity / Capability

With reference to Leadership and Culture. An assessment has been made to understand the capacity for additional work and capability to achieve the change of those most affected by the change.

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Need for change

All staff are demonstrably aware of the reasons behind needing to do things differently.

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Deliverable – Time/ BAU

Links to capacity and capability - Agreement has been reached on the priority of time and skills to ensure "the day job" will be delivered to agreed KPI's.

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There is a plan in place to ensure that the right stakeholders / people on the ground are included in taking the change forward, designing alterations and suggesting improvements to high level plans.

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What does good look like?

Plans are in place to ensure staff can understand the difference between how things are done today and what successful delivery of the change will look and feel like - What it means to them and when.

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Communication / Celebrate Success

There are clear and regular 2 way communications planned, from launch through to ensuring staff can respond to communications and voice their concerns where they feel uncertain and receive answers.

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