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You know you need change but what will your next step be?


  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Change Leadership
  • Change Leadership
  • Business Process Improvement

The key to all our tools is delivery

The key skills we bring to bear for our partners cover a range of disciplines from strategic design through to delivery and post delivery support.

CDA Skills toolset
Mergers & Acquisitions     Mission / Vision Development
Strategic Review   Business Capability
Assessment(capacity / skills / scalability)   Cultural Alignment
Business Turnaround   Business Rationalisation (Inc BPO)
Project Turnaround   Programme Office set up and integration
Project Delivery - Programme / Project Management - Generally MSP / Prince (MSP & Prince 2, accredited)   Business Process re-engineering – Current sate and future state design and delivery
Development of Change skills   Coaching & Mentoring





Change Delivery Associates are bothe hands on and supportive in their approach

Mergers & Acquisitions Integration

We specialise in the integration of Mergers and Acquisitions post deal completion.
Successfully integrating acquired companies is generally ranked as the single most important factor in acquisition success.  Merger integration is not easy, but our approach significantly improves the probability  of tackling the challenges.  Change Delivery Associates approach to integration has four critical factors:

  • Integrate realistically
    Not all parts of a deal can be integrated. Prioritisation is critical. Being selective where you integrate is the most effective way to ensure the greatest benefits. Companies should integrate only where valuable or necessary. Speed makes a difference, but not if quality and sustainability are the price.
  • Leadership and Culture. 
    Leadership style and people are often part of the price paid for speed during integration , both should be thought through constantly aligned with the strategy behind the decisions to integrate. Decide quickly on a specific approach. Be as transparent and open as possible.
  •  Make difficult decisions. 
    Acquirers should where possible begin high level integration planning as part of the deal process. The most successful deals consider the new organisational structure and the key people who will drive the integration before the deal is complete.
  • Deliver core business.
    Merger integration is often a complete distraction for both the acquiring business and the acquired. It is seen as the most interesting and high profile activity to be involved in. The acquiring business must ensure the majority of the best people are focused on delivering daily priorities in both elements of the now bigger, more complicated business. This can be the most vulnerable time for both organisations.

Deals should take these elements into account when considering and planning. Deals are decided upon and progressed for many reasons and these critical factors should be included when considering the deal's outcome.


Change Delivery Associates also works with SME Partners to turnaround business performance, pre and post recovery & insolvency.  We take a similar approach to this activity as we do with Merger and Acquisition integration.

As with all our partners needs, we design our approach to fit with our partners' ambition and change capability.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Change Leadership

Against a backdrop of increasing globalisation, and the rapid pace of technological innovation, the primary task of management today is the leadership of organisational change.

Change is a subject that is much higher on the agenda of senior managers today. However in the last 25 years companies are no better at delivering. In surveys carried out since the 1970’s, 70+ % of companies said they did not achieve the outcome or benefits expected. 

And the environment for change is only getting more complex.

Leadership has a significant role to play. Change can be expensive and difficult. The time and effort required from leaders is often underestimated. This leads to difficult decisions, which leadership teams may be unprepared to confront.

Change needs also to be designed specifically to delivery the outcome required – Too often leaders have seen change delivered with a certain approach in previous roles and believe that approach should be replicated. This rarely achieves the desired outcome or benefits. Effort needs to be focused on the areas that will deliver the greatest benefit in the environment the change is being delivered.


CHange Leadership

Delivering Change

All partners regardless of size need change to be successful and deliver planned benefits.

Although there is no ‘one way’ to deliver change we have developed our approach to help us understand and help our partners to succeed. Our approach has a proven method of success and uses an adaptable set of toold and methodologies to support change leaders.

There are 4 main principles to our approach to change and we call them LEAD CHANGE

Change Delivery Associates are experienced leaders of change


Delivering Change

Business Process Improvement

Change Delivery Associates can help you with all aspects of your projects...from scoping and defining to implementation and post implementation support... a single process or an improvement program.

We believe that the people doing the work are best suited to improve it and that employee participation is critical to an effective work improvement program.   When employees are enthusiastic about making improvements, improvements can be dramatic. To encourage enthusiastic participation, we must be assured that there will be no loss of employment resulting from the work improvement.

We spend time working alongside our partners and design the improvement with them. This approach ensures there is clear ownership and a passion to delivery the change. Having partner teams lead with Change Delivery Associates support also brings a broader sense of ownership and drives change through much more quickly, delivering the expected outcome and benefits.

Our approach also ensures our partners are left with the skills to be able to use the skills transferred to manage change better going forward.


Business Process Improvement

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